Driver’s Yoga literature available electronically

“The Art of Looking through the Windshield,” the guidebook penned by Pete Peterson of Driver's Yoga, is now available on and Kindle. Driver's Yoga is a technique that helps motorists stay focused on the road. “The guidebook is a how-to manual of the five-step technique,” said Peterson, a 69-year-old retired law enforcement officer who lives in Live Oak. “Driver's Yoga can extend the safe driving years for seniors and also is a bonding and shared experience for adult children of aging parents.” Peterson first developed the Driver's Yoga concept for himself in 1965 while working as  a California Highway Patrol officer in Riverside County. In July of last year, he began sharing it with senior drivers locally and in the San Francisco Bay Area. While the word “yoga” means union, Driver’s Yoga is a mental exercise meant to unite a driver with his or her vehicle, Peterson said. Once that happens, the motorist becomes a safer driver, he said. At $9.99, the guidebook is about half the price of attending a two-hour Driver's Yoga workshop. Attending the workshop can earn participants a discount on their automobile insurance. For more information about Driver's Yoga, visit
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