Cyclists need taming on Hwy 1 pedestrian overpass, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: My wife and I walked across the spiral elevated walkway over Highway 1 on our way downtown from High Street. Although there are 'Walk Your Bike' signs both on posts and printed in bold on the pavement at both ends, we were passed by 14 bicyclists, most dressed in the usual finery of bikedom and not one of them walked his bike. Most were racing around the blind curves. It is particularly dangerous in the curves when the bikes come swooping down on hapless pedestrians. We met a lady on foot going the other way who related horror stories she's witnessed of near misses involving these bikers and old people with walkers and mothers with baby carriages. Palo Alto had a similar problem with the underpass on California Avenue, which they solved with pipe turnstiles on each end and a diversion maze in the middle. All it would take to ensure the bikers followed the rules would be a bit of pipe and a few hours of labor. Doesn't the city of Santa Cruz have enough liability exposure already without passively encouraging bikers to break the rules, especially since the ''fix" would be so inexpensive and simple? Gary Britton via email A: The overcrossing falls under the Caltrans' jurisdiction. The state transportation agency is investigating your request but due to the backlog of investigations and the state worker furlough program, it may take awhile for it to be completed. Stay tuned.
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4 Responses to Cyclists need taming on Hwy 1 pedestrian overpass, reader says

  1. Louie says:

    I’m a cyclist (kind of hardcore- I cover about 120 miles a week) and I can’t stand these reckless cyclists who run stop signs, buzz pedestrians, etc. Each time I see an idiot riding towards me (he’s going AGAINST traffic flow), I want to clothesline him.

    PLEASE INSTALL THAT TURNSTILE. When are these idiots going to learn if we don’t police ourselves, others (mainly pedestrians they’ve pissed off) will enact rules to POLICE US?

  2. reb1 says:

    Caltrans needs to put a couple of cameras on the path and a police officer at either end. No warnings just tickets. I refuse to use sidewalks or paths where peds are when I ride a bicycle. I ride on the road. I also intentionally avoid all roads with bicycle lanes. They are more dangerous than the roads without them.

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