Car Care Month tips from AAA

October is AAA's Car Care Month and the auto club is reminding drivers to avoid costly repairs -- and help the environment -- by keeping their vehicles well maintained. “Knowing what maintenance should be done on your vehicle, and when, can save you lots of hassle and heartache,” said Matt Skryja, AAA spokesman. “Proper preventative maintenance can help motorists avoid costly repairs and extend the life of their cars, while also giving them better gas mileage. Additionally, it can help to cut down on the over-use of environmentally sensitive products, such as motor oil.” Use your vehicle's owner's manual as a guide for maintaining your ride. This is the most efficient way to keep your car on the road, he said. Two specific things AAA suggested drivers can do to save money and the environment are: Owners of newer vehicles should change their oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, not every 3,000. Use the vehicle's owner's manual for the manufacturer's suggestions on the frequency of oil changes given the conditions in which the motorists drives. Maintain your tires. This means keeping the correct air pressure in your tires, as well as having them rotated and balanced on a regular basis. Doing so extends tire life, improves fuel efficiency and thus benefits the environment. Once monthly, check your tires – including your spare -- for air pressure, as well as tread wear and damage, like sidewall bulges. For more information, visit
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