‘No Left Turn’ restriction applies to weekdays only

Dear Street Smarts, Q: In Aptos, at the intersection of Soquel and Spreckles drives, there is a light with a 'No Left Turn' message that comes on Monday through Friday from 4-6 p.m. They must gave changed the signage recently as the sign says no left turn from 4-6 p.m. everyday. There never has been a problem turning left from Soquel onto Speckles on the weekend, so I am not sure why the change. Of course, I made a left turn on the weekend, noting that the no left turn light was not lit, only to be stopped by the California Highway Patrol. He pointed out the signs. I pointed out the unlit signal.  We we both very confused. What is the story? Thanks, Jonathan Collins, Aptos Q: "The county has issued a work order to post a sign that indicates the left turn restriction will only be Monday through Friday," said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for county public works.
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  1. droidfansofar says:

    Hello. Would a ‘No left Mon-Friday except busses’ sign be active on a long holiday weekend on Monday?? This memorial day weekend Monday I made a left on this sign thinking its a long weekend and the sign is active for weekdays. No cops were there but the curious question did come up so i thought I ask someone.

  2. Ramona Turner says:

    Officer Brad Sadek of the CHP says to follow the wording of the sign. If it says, “excluding holidays,” then the left is of on holidays. If it doesn’t have such an allowance on holidays, don’t make the left.

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