Speed limit to be lowered on Freedom Blvd

On August 23, Street Smarts published a letter from Terry Crovo that sought to lower the speed limit along Freedom Boulevard to improve safety for students at Aptos High School and a mobile home park in the area. The response from the county said that was not going to happen. But the speed limit in front of those two locations already is 25 mph. A county official re-read Crovo's letter, visited the site in question and said he spoke in error after misunderstanding the letter's intent. Below is the new, updated answer from Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for county public works. "I apparently did not understand the intent of the inquiry from the person who wrote into the Sentinel asking about the 25 mph school speed limit zone. There already is a 25 mph school speed limit zone signed on Freedom Boulevard and the request was actually to extend the zone further in both directions. The Department of Public Works has issued a work order to install additional signs that will extend the 25 mph school speed limit zone about 400 feet to the north per the requirement of the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The 25 mph school zone speed limit could not be extended to the south toward the freeway because of the limits imposed in the CA MUTCD. I believe this extension of the 25 mph school speed limit zone will improve safety conditions in the area."
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