Hot weather tips for your car, passengers

It is hot. As we wait for things to cool down in time for the weekend, here are some tips from AAA of Northern California on things you can do to keep your vehicle safe and comfortable during the warm spell.
  • Park in the shade when possible. On extremely hot days, the interior of your vehicle can reach 190 degrees. For perspective, a chicken should be cooked at 175 degrees.
  • Protect your hands from a hot steering wheel by installing a fabric-based cover.
  • Use a reflective sunshade to reduce heat by as much as 43 degrees, block damaging UV rays and preserve your car’s interior. The sun’s heat can cause fading, cracking and discoloration to your car’s interior.
  • Before getting into your car, open the door to let the cabin air out.
  • Check your tires for uneven and excessive tread wear. Make sure your tires, even the spare, are properly inflated.
  • Before you start your car, when your engine is cool, look for cracked, worn and damaged hoses, belts.
  • Check your antifreeze or coolant level and condition. Make sure you have and even 50 percent mixture of water and 50 percent coolant in your vehicle.
  • Make sure your oil and lubricants are at the proper levels and in good condition. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations.
  • Consider buying an emergency kit to keep in your car in case of a breakdown. The kit should contain a flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, warning flares or reflective triangles, heavy gloves, coolant, water and a first-aid kit. Keep you cell phone charged and handy should you need to call for help.
  • Keep water in the car for yourself and your passengers when driving in the heat.
  • Do not leave children or pets unattended in parked motor vehicles.
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  1. Mari Lynch says:

    Thanks. It is hot for the Central Coast!

    In addition to the above, consider staying cooler by bicycling or by doing a bike-and-ride combo trip. Tips for Tourists and Others Bicycling Monterey County guide includes shower and change locations for day visitors, too.

    And the Transportation Agency of Monterey County bicycle map shows locations of all fire depts in the county–where cyclists (or anyone) can stop for free drinking water anytime; see “Once You Start” in the Tips for Tourists guide.

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