No new signs pointing toward Hwy 1 planned for 41st Ave

Dear Street Smarts,  Q: I have noticed frustration by motorists who are not sure where the freeway entrances are when traveling on 41st avenue  -- both north and south. Is there a plan to have signs put up soon?  Just a thought. Erica, Santa Cruz A: Caltrans has reviewed the area and says no new signs are planned at this time for 41st Avenue at Highway 1, said Susana Cruz, public affairs officer.
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One Response to No new signs pointing toward Hwy 1 planned for 41st Ave

  1. Midwesterner says:

    Having driven the country East/West and North/South, grown up in the Midwest and traveled to other states around my home state (all mostly alone and without any navigation except paper maps)… I have to say in general California has the worst road signs ever – from freeway entrances to the simple street sign.

    Absolutely the worst.

    Some of them are not much bigger than an 8×11 and their positioned like one foot above the ground for freeway entrances. This dumb move makes them impossible or dangerous to decipher if there’s any traffic (which is always the case here). Why not make them a height ABOVE other cars… how about a STANDARD height so I generally know where to point my eyes all the time to look for one… And how about not making a sign where the text fills up 1/8 of the sign itself leaving useless empty space.

    I can’t think of how many times I’m looking for a certain road or street and I see the sign ahead and I’m like oh cool there’s another sign that’s printed SO SMALL I wont know what it is until I’m right under it taking my eyes off the road constantly to see if I can make it out yet. Where I grew up, most major roads have a big clear sign containing their name about 100 FEET before the intersection. So much more practical.

    And I won’t even venture off topic on how awful California drivers are compared to most other states… I’ll save that comment for the recent post on how to merge. California drivers DO NOT MERGE ever. Brainlessly driving until the lane ends and making cars stop free way traffic or suddenly slow the flow down IS NOT MERGING. Merging cars yield, not the other way around!

    I really enjoy reading this blog, BTW.

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