Speed limit on Freedom Blvd will not be lowered near Aptos High

Dear Street Smarts, Q: What are the chances or what needs to be done to designate the length of Freedom Boulevard from Soquel Drive to Shadowmere Way as a ‘School Zone’ with the speed limit lowered to 25 mph when children are present? Traffic regularly exceeds the posted 45 mph speed limit. I think it’s because of this length of road is a straight-away to the highway or off the highway. There have been many close calls at the Aptos School Road intersection and at the Aptos Pines intersection as well because of excess speed during heavy congestion because of school traffic. Thank you for your time. Terry Crovo, Aptos A: Your request cannot be granted, said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for the county public works department. “Aptos High School is not contiguous to Freedom Boulevard and, therefore, this road does not qualify for a reduced school speed limit of 25 mph as per Part 7 of the 2010 California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” he said. To qualify for the lower speed limit, the Aptos High School campus would have to front Freedom Boulevard, said Sohriakoff. Currently, the school, which is located several hundred yards away from Freedom Boulevard, is accessible through a privately maintained road.
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