County, traffic safety groups to study pedestrians, motorists interaction

If you feel like someone is watching you while you drive or walk to your destination later this month, you may be right. In collaboration with the Community Traffic Safety Coalition and its South County Bicycle and Pedestrian Work Group, the county Health Services Agency will conduct a Pedestrian Observation Survey. From Aug. 23 to Sept. 27, volunteers will keep a close eye on motorists and pedestrians at 13 locations countywide, said the HSA’s Mary Lawrence. From their posts, they’ll note several behaviors among drivers and pedestrians, including whether pedestrians use care when crossing streets, whether pedestrians cross with or against traffic signals, whether drivers yield the right of way to pedestrians and whether motorists stop before making right turns at red lights or stop signs. “The information gathered will be used to not only study and gather data about the behaviors of pedestrians and motorists in Santa Cruz County, but will also serve as indicators of where more education and outreach efforts need to be made,” Lawrence said.
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