‘Share the Road’ signs on the way to Bean Creek Road

Earlier this month, Street Smarts published a letter from a concerned cyclist who frequented Bean Creek Road. Kathy Ferraro, of Santa Cruz, was concerned about drivers using the wrong side of the road to navigate blind curves on the winding, mountainous road. So, she wrote a letter to the county public works department requesting that crews install a “Share the Road” sign to warn drivers and cyclists alike to be careful and courteous. Ferraro notified Street Smarts that her efforts to secure public safety on Bean Creek have been heard. The county will install the signs in coming weeks, said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for the county. Meanwhile, the county also requested that the city of Scotts Valley erect a “Share the Road’ sign on the portion of the road that runs through its jurisdiction, as well. Stay tuned.
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