Left turns should be prohibited on Mission Street, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: One of things I've noticed that really slows down Mission Street is people making left turns and thereby backing up traffic in the left lane. Why not make Mission Street like 19th Avenue in San Francisco? On that street, left hand turns are not allowed, even at stoplights. Drivers must make a right turn on a surface street and go around the block to ‘go left.’ It may be an inconvenience for them but greatly improves the traffic flow on 19th Avenue. Mission Street still has some dedicated left turn lanes at some lights like at Bay Street. But, like it did for 19th Avenue in San Francisco, restricting left hand turns could greatly improve traffic flow on Mission. David Byron via email A:This is a reoccurring idea, said Chris Schneiter of the public works department. To come to pass, “it would take some community action and moving this up on staff’s priority list to move this forward,” he said. If the city did decide to go this route on Mission Street, a state highway, Caltrans would have to give final approval, said Schneiter.
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