Center lines removed from Monterey Avenue and will not return, county says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I've lived on a cul-de-sac off of Monterey Avenue in Soquel for 25 years. About a month ago, the county removed the double yellow line that ran down Monterey Avenue and have not repainted it. They did the removal by grinding down the pavement. They've left the 'Loose Gravel' signs behind, but it doesn't look like the job is done. In the past, we've had trouble with parking on Monterey and I've heard that since the line has been removed, parking rules may be different. I'd love to know more on this and appreciate your help. Jim Martin, Soquel A: Having the double yellow line there made the road narrow for vehicles trying to navigate around parked cars on the street, said Jack Sohriakoff, senior engineer for county public works. “Supervisor Leopold’s office received complaints that vehicles were parked along the road which did not leave a standard travel lane width between the parked vehicles and the existing double yellow center line , and vehicles had to pass the parked vehicles on the wrong side of the center line,” he said. The county looked at a couple options to fix the problem – either restrict parking or remove the double yellow center line to allow vehicles more room to pass parked vehicles, Sohriakoff said. Officials decided against restricting parking because that can lead to moving parking to other parts of the street “and not really solving the issue,” he said The center line’s removal creates a two-way, one lane road that allows motorists to pass parked vehicles without venturing onto the over the double yellow, said Sohriakoff. “The double yellow center line was retained at the intersection of Soquel Drive for approximately 50 feet south of the crosswalk to provide distinct travel lanes for both directions of travel on MontereyAvenue to ensure proper traffic operations at the intersection,” he said. “Parking restrictions were initiated at the intersection to provide the full travel lane width where the double yellow center line remained.” No other parking restrictions have been put into place, he said.
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