Bicycling in the wind

Last week, Street Smarts touched upon the subject of motorcycle riding in high wind conditions. It featured some advice from Scotts Valley Lt. John Hohmann on ways to keep bikes upright and on the road. He also suggested that riders consider pulling over and waiting until the wind dies down. After that column was published, I received an email from Leo Jed, a local bicycle advocate and educator. He wrote in with his observations about riding a bicycle in the wind and offered a little advice. Here’s what he wrote: “I enjoyed your informative column this week. Please consider what happens when cyclists encounter these same winds. Where a motorcycle's weight can be upwards of 500 lbs or more, a bicycle’s weight is generally between 20-30 lbs. Cyclists must also be wary of trucks passing at high speeds, i.e. on Highway 1 north. This creates a potentially dangerous wind blast situation. “Safe maneuvers dealing with these situations are essentially the same as described for motorcycles, yet require a faster and more nuanced response.”
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