More on La Fonda Avenue overpass

Last week, Street Smarts posted a letter from Juliana Cheng of Santa Cruz seeking information about the La Fonda Avenue overpass above Highway 1. Specifically, she wanted to know when the bridge was opened, a padlock on the fence and whether any trees would be harmed during the construction of the proposed Soquel/Morrissey auxiliary lanes project. After some digging, Bryan Parker of Caltrans submitted the following: The overpass opened in 1948; though, he couldn’t find a specific day or month of that opening. "As for the padlock, Caltrans has standard locks that we use on all our gates," he said. "Over time, the standard changes, at which point our maintenance people go out and replace the old locks with new ones. I'm guessing the worker changing locks locked the old one to the chain link fence while installing the new one.” As for tree removal, some trees may be impacted Parker said. “First, we always try to preserve as much mature vegetation, especially trees, as possible during highway construction," he said. “I asked the project engineer what areas near Harbor High School might be able to avoid tree removal for construction of the auxiliary lanes project. It appears that the trees near the parking lot entrance at La Fonda will be impacted the most. As you move away from La Fonda towards Soquel Avenue, there is less grading required and trees might be saved.” A certified arborist will be on-call during construction to assist the contractor and inspectors when crews are excavating near trees, Parker said. “The arborist makes the call about how much root damage a tree can sustain before it needs to be removed for safety's sake,” he said.
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