Reader questions history of La Fonda overpass

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Do you have any idea who planted those pine trees on both sides of Highway 1 near Harbor High School? Was there an opening ceremony when the La Fonda over crossing was built? And who put that lock on the wire fence on the over crossing? I noticed that it has been there since the 1970's. Juliana Cheng via email A: Caltrans planted the trees but t the rest of your question is going to take some more digging, said Susana Cruz, Caltrans spokeswoman. Are the any long-time Santa Cruz residents who recall the opening of the La Fonda overpass and the placement of a lock on the fence links? Meanwhile, Cheng also hoped that the pine trees wouldn’t succumb to the planned Soquel/Morrissey Auxiliary Lanes Project. Those details are still being hashed out in the planning phase, according to Kim Shultz, a Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission official who's working on the project with Caltrans.
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