There’s a new website aimed at teaching bicyclists how to ride safely and confidently. Bike Safe California was created recently by the California Bicycle Coalition as part of the Healthy Transportation Network, a project of the California Department of Public Health's California Center for Physical Activity. The bicycle coalition is a nonprofit education and advocacy organization that tries to improve cycling conditions throughout the state while also promoting the use of the bicycle for both transportation and recreation. Armed with grant funding from the network, it offers bike safety instruction in the workplace, as well as through this new website. On the site are links to cycling-related state laws, online videos and websites that demonstrate proper riding techniques, bike lights, helmets and more. It also highlights the five essential skills of safe cycling – in control, cooperative, visible, responsive and protected. Employing these so-called “layers of safety” can help bicyclists get from point -A to point-B in one piece. The site also encourages visitors to check out bike safety courses offers by advocacy groups and other organizations statewide. A link to the site resides here on the Street Smarts blog.
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