Gas prices safe from the problems in Gulf of Mexico

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not impacting gas prices, according to AAA of Northern California. “The leaking oil in the Gulf is coming from an exploratory well operation, meaning the oil itself is not immediately being counted on in the markets, so it has not impacted the price at the pump,” said Matt Skryja, the organization’s spokesman. “Economic concerns, particularly in Europe, along with unemployment data, low demand, and high oil reserves are helping to keep the prices low.” AAA tracks gas prices in 25 metropolitan areas across the United States. All but three have seen the price to pump drop since the last survey on May 11., the organization reported. Nationwide, the average cost of gasoline is $2.72, an 18 cent drop from last month. Here in the Golden State, gas prices are the third highest in the nation at $3.08 per gallon, down seven cents since last month. But, to put it into perspective, that $3.08 is 17 cents higher than the state’s average price of gas this time last year, when it was $2.91. The average price of a gallon of gas in the San Francisco Bay Area is higher than the state average, at $3.19, a 3-cent dip from last month. Locally, the average cost of gas per gallon is $3.01, 15 cents lower than May’s prices. At $2.38, the least expensive gasoline in the country is in St. Joseph, MO. The state whose motorists pay the most for gas is Wailuku, HI, where fuel is $3.85 per gallon.
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