Don’t leave pets in cars this summer

With warm weather finally here, it’s important to remember not to leave your pets in your parked vehicle. When the mercury strikes 73 degrees, the temperature inside your car can reach 120 degrees in about half an hour. On a 90 degree day, the interior of your vehicle can climb to 160 degrees in minutes, according to, a website supported by PETA -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Your beloved pet can succumb to heat stroke in minutes., the site said. Symptoms of heat stroke include restlessness, heavy panting, excessive thirst, appetite loss, lethargy, rapid heartbeat, dark tongue, fever, vomiting or lack of coordination. If your dog shows signs of heat stroke, immediately get shade or call your veterinarian. You may try to gradually lower your pet’s temperature by providing drinking water and either applying a cold towel or ice pack to the head, chest and neck or submersing the dog in lukewarm water.
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