Simitian’s red light camera bill on its way to becoming law

The State Senate has passed a bill that aims to protect motorists from wrongful tickets issued by red light cameras. Street Smarts first wrote about this in a previous blog. SB 1362, by Senator Joe Simitian of Palo Alto, requires that traffic cameras be placed where a history of collisions justifies them. It also calls for signs to be placed near where the cameras are installed, as well as makes it easier for motorists to challenge unjustified tickets. The bill was inspired by the winner of Simitian’s annual “There Outta Be a Law” contest. Vera Gil received a ticket in the mail for a vehicle in Southern California that she had never owned or driven. “I was frustrated,” she said. “Their license plate is one letter different than mine. It’s a mistake I expect to happen, but it took weeks and weeks to clear up. There was no information on who to talk to if you believed the ticket had been assigned to the wrong car. I think that the cameras are helpful, but it can be a real thorn in the side of the person who receives it accidentally.” Since Simitian’s contest for new legislation began in 2001, 15 winning ideas have been signed into law. SB 1362 is now on its way to the State Assembly for a vote. Keep track of the bill’s progress at
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