Santa Cruz to end Broadway water leak

Dear Street Smarts, Q: There is a pothole that is always leeching water out of it on Broadway as you go up the hill from 7-Eleven. I notice that it gets filled frequently but always has the water pouring out of it. Where is the water from? Is it a pipe that is broken with fresh water or is it a drainage pipe that is leaking? Thanks, Mandi Hall, via email A: “There is a natural seep/spring coming from under the road and out of the hillside,” said Chris Schneiter, of the city’s public works department. “It has been tested and not found to be from leaking potable water or sewer. The rains this year have exasperated that problem and so we patch the street when we can.” Next week, the city will embark on a project that will “install French drains under the roadway and siphon off the water,” he said. “We are hoping that will address this problem in the long term.” The project involved placing an interconnected web of perforated pipe a couple feet down, Schneiter said. The piping will be wrapped in filter fabric and drain rock before being connected to the city’s sewer lines. This intent is to have any water coming up from below or the side to be "intercepted" by the pipe and drain rock trench and forwarded to the sewer, he said.
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