Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. To commemorate, Street Smarts will periodically post safety information pertinent to riding a motorcycle. Today’s rule comes from Pete Peterson of Driver’s Yoga: When traveling behind a car, truck or other motor vehicle, try to ride to its right or left side -- behind the passenger or driver’s seat, rather than the middle -- behind the license plate. This will allow yourself the ability to easily exit the lane should traffic ahead come to an abrupt stop. If you are stopped in traffic, say at a red light, use the same left or right stance behind the vehicle in front of you to allow yourself an out should the vehicle behind you not be able to stop in time. The problem with traveling or stopping behind the center of a motor vehicle is it makes it difficult to escape impending danger coming from the front or back -- meaning you could wind up running into the back of the vehicle ahead. For more motorcycling tips, check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or the California Department of Motor Vehicle's Motorcycle Handbook.
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