Save paper, study for written driver test online

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I will be taking my driver's test within the month and have been to the DMV office twice to get the 2010 California Drivers Handbook in order to know what new laws came into effect in 2010. However, no books are available for this year as of last week. Could you let me know how to locate this information. You have covered a few of these laws in previous articles in the paper and I appreciate these. Thank you, Joyce Robinson, Santa Cruz A: The 2010 California Driver Handbook is available online at The new laws are printed within the pages of the 2010 California Driver Handbook. There's no separate section highlighting them. For example, I found the section about video devices being out of the driver's view on page 70. The Move Over Slow Down section is on page 63. My advice is to study the book cover-to-cover and consider taking the practice tests on the DMV's Web site just to make sure you're ready. There’s also a cheat sheet of new laws on the CHP’s Web site at Study hard and good luck!
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