When it is OK to pass a school bus

Dear Street Smarts, Q: OK, so I have stopped behind a school bus with its red lights flashing or its swivel-out stop-sign deployed or both. Am I to remain stopped until the bus proceeds or can I stop, make sure it is safe to proceed and slowly creep past the bus? (This is in regard to Monday’s column on ‘When it’s not OK to pass a school bus’.) If I stay stopped until the bus pulls out, I will be following it to every stop along a rural road with a solid double yellow line and no opportunities to pass. If I can not proceed until the lights stop flashing, then should the bus turn its flashers off and delay signaling to pull back onto the roadway until backed-up cars have cleared on such routes? Mark Flammer, via email A: “When the flashing red lights are on, you cannot pass the school bus from either direction,” said Officer Evan Kapel, CHP school bus expert. “Once the red lights are turned off, you can pass the bus. There is no requirement to remain stopped until the bus proceeds forward.”
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