Tracking down those mysterious white boxes

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I have been noticing some little white boxes being installed on the street lights and sign posts around the Santa Cruz area. The people who install these boxes travel in unmarked cars without government plates. I was just wondering if you knew what these little white boxes are for. Sincerely, Stu Steinbruner, via email A: Officials with the city and county public works departments would like to know who’s “messing” with their equipment. Please write in with the exact location of these white boxes, preferably the ID number that may be printed on the street lights and sign posts that have been fitted with this equipment. Unfortunately, Street Smarts' attempts to reach the reader were unsuccessful. If anyone has seen people tampering with signal lights and sign posts, report them to the city public works at 420-5160 or the county public works at 454-2160.
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