DMV develops iPhone app

Apple iPhone users can now access information from the California Department of Motor Vehicles with a simple tap of their phone's screen. The DMV has developed an iPhone application, called "DMV Now." It gives iPhone users the ability to find local offices with turn by turn directions based on the location of the phone. The free technology can also determine the average wait time at those offices. Developed in-house by the state agency, DMV Now also allows iPhone users to take sample written driving tests and access driver education videos, as well as important alerts. "Since millions of people own iPhones and other Apple wireless devices we thought this would be a great way to make DMV that much more convenient and accessible to customers," said George Valverde, DMV director. "More people are depending on their hand-held mobile devices for information and we hope to build more DMV mobile applications in the future for other wireless device companies." DMV Now can be downloaded online from the Apple applications store. To see a demo of the DMV Now application, iPhone customers can visit
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