Reader seeks direction on Miramar at Mission Street

Dear Smarts, Q: This is in regard to the new intersection at Mission Street and Miramar Drive. Coming down Miramar to the new stop light at Mission, the one lane divides into two lanes. There are no signs or markings in the road to indicate which directions drivers are allowed to take from the two lanes. One would assume the left lane is for going straight across Mission into the Safeway parking lot or left onto Mission. The right lane looks like it should be for right turns only. But it is unmarked, and drivers use it to also go straight. This creates confusion and can lead drivers into collisions if both lanes are feeding into one lane at the other side of the intersection. Are there supposed to be signs indicating that the right lane is for right turns only? Blaine Robinson via email A: The city of Santa Cruz will be adding those stripes as soon as possible, said Chris Schneiter, civil engineer. The work has yet to be done because of the wet weather, he said. Stay tuned. By the way, more rain is in the forecast for this weekend and next week. Until the lines and arrows are painted, be careful, vigilant, patient and courteous.
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