Beach Street is anything but a day at the beach, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Having worked on the wharf for over three years and having both walked and biked through this intersection (of Beach Street and Pacific Avenue at the entrance to the Municipal Wharf) over the past 25 years, it seems this area is a glaring hazard that should have some sort of organized traffic control for the multi-corner stop signs. The intersection is so large, it is often hard to tell who has the right away. Add to that the pedestrians who simply continue to stroll along oblivious to any vehicles present, and you have a nightmare crossing to get through. In the summer when tourists are swarming, it is even worse. I have sat at the end of the wharf trying to get across for up to 15-minutes waiting for a constant stream of stragglers to cross. Are there any plans to address this? Susan Moren, Santa Cruz A: “A roundabout is coming,” said Chris Schneiter of the city’s public works department. “We should be starting construction in September 2010. That should bring some order to the intersection.”
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