Reader questions stop sign at Murray Street, East Cliff Drive

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I was wondering if you can tell me why there is a stop sign at Murray Street and East Cliff Drive in one direction and not the other. The stop sign going west on Murray doesn't seem to serve any purpose when there is no stop sign in the other direction -- where there is actually a cross street on that side. It causes long back ups in the morning when I don't think it is needed. Thanks, Joe Bacon, via email A: The stop sign in the westbound direction stops traffic right before the sharp turn over the East Cliff bridge “so that the turn does not come as a surprise to the motorist and the turn is navigated at a slow speed,” said Chris Schneiter with the city’s public works department. “There is no stop sign in the eastbound direction because someone stopping would likely be rear-ended from someone coming around the sharp turn,” he said of the road that has limited visibility due to the sharp turn and climb up East Cliff. “I agree that it does not help with traffic congestion westbound, but it makes the intersection much safer."
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