East Lake Avenue road striping is confusing, reader says

east-lake-ave-11 Dear Street Smarts, Q: I have a question regarding the intersection of Lincoln Street and East Lake Avenue. Going east on East Lake, you get the intersection at Lincoln and you go from a two way street onto a one way double lane street. When two cars are going straight, the driver on the left lane feels that he or she can pick and choose which lane to follow even though the car on the right lane has to follow the direction of travel. This is due to poor lane markings at this intersection. Who can I contact in order to get better lane markings so that this intersection does not become a collision that is just waiting to happen. Here are the two snapshots of what I am talking about. Thank you. east-lake-ave-21 Pedro Zuniga, via email A: This intersection is governed by Caltrans, as it involves a state highway, State Route 152. To be safe, I asked both Caltrans and Watsonville’s city public works department to weigh in and both said it is safe. “The striping through the intersection is intended to guide the motorist in the appropriate lane,” said Maria Esther Rodriguez, of Watsonville public works. “You can see this striping in the photos sent.”
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