Show me the lines, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The paving is completed, but the county has not yet repainted the lines on Soquel Drive between 41st Avenue and Daubenbiss in Soquel or on Hill Street between Bay Street and Capitola Avenue in Capitola. Both of these stretches of road have no sidewalk, and now they have no lines either. Walking on these two roads is dangerous enough, and now without any lines, drivers are all over the place, driving in the bike lane where pedestrians have to walk. Add to this, some kind of water project going on at the corner of Daubenbiss and Soquel that has barricades up and basically forces people to walk out into traffic. I have not seen anyone working here for three weeks, just the initial work and then nothing. Again, it's bad enough that there are no sidewalks in these two areas, now we don't even have a thin line of paint to help keep us safe when we walk here. Rocky Festa, Capitola A: Your wish is Santa Cruz County and the city of Capitola's command. “The fog striping on Hill Street was mistakenly omitted from the construction plans,” said Capitola Public Works Director Steve Jesberg. “We are now working to have this work completed, hopefully within the next month.” As for the county, “the striping should be done today,” according to Jack Sohriakoff, county civil engineer.
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