ParkCard allows users to easily park at meters, rent bike lockers

There’s an easy way for people to pay to park their bicycle or car in downtown Santa Cruz. It’s called the ParkCard and it can be used in any of the city’s parking meters or smart bicycle lockers downtown. The card can be purchased for $3 from the city’s parking office in the Locust Street garage at 124 Locust Street. Users must add a $20 minimum value to the card before use, then add value as they use it. The benefit of using a ParkCard -- instead of cash -- to pay for parking, is that motorists and cyclists would pay only for the time that they use, said Cheryl Schmitt, the city's transportation coordinator. While the card is subject to metering rates and time limits at parking spaces around town, card users who rent a bike locker can use it for up to nine days at a time. Renting a bike locker costs three cents per hour. For more information, call 420-5160 or email
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