Out with the stop sign, in with the roundabout

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Have you noticed that the stop sign at Front and Second streets by Las Palmas taco bar gets run thru constantly by cars heading towards the ocean? I sat there one day and counted 12 cars in an hour blow through it. Tim Pappas, via Facebook A: This stop sign at the intersection of Second Street and Pacific Avenue is commonly violated because its “unwarranted,” said Chris Schneiter, traffic engineer for the city. “Motorists won’t fully stop if there is very low cross traffic,” he said. “The stop was installed at the insistence of businesses wanting to facilitate the ability for motorists to make a left on to Pacific so that they can circulate back to the Wharf and Boardwalk.” The city has plans to reinvent that intersection by installing a roundabout and removing the stop sign, Schneiter said. “With the roundabouts, it will be easy to make the return trip into the Beach Area,” he said. Stay tuned for project details and timeline.
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