Street Smarts reader seeks relief from noisy motorcyclists

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I live in the Upper Ocean neighborhood in Santa Cruz, in rather close proximity to a biker bar. My neighbors and I are all growing rather tired of hearing the 'motorcycle enthusiast' revving up and down May Street all night. In (11/02/09) article, you explain that the city of Santa Cruz can no longer afford to create speed bumps. Can you please offer another suggestion to help us stop the Hells Angels, Ghost Mountain Riders, etc., from waking up the working families of our little neighborhood? Thanks! Joe DePage, Santa Cruz A: Santa Cruz Police Captain Steve Clark has forwarded your complaint to the department’s patrol staff. “The violation requires an officer to witness it, so it is catch as catch can, based on our ability to spend time on this particular problem,” he said. In regard to speed bumps, if the city was able to put them in, they could do more harm than good, he said. “Although speed bumps may slow the riders, it may increase the noise volume as they accelerate after each bump,” said Clark. “We have also seen where speed bumps become an enticing obstacle for motorcycles for wheelies and jumps.” Please, keep Street Smarts updated on the situation.
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