Reader wants county roads cleared of overgrown plantlife

Dear Street Smarts, Q: When is the county going to get back to cutting back the brush along the sides of the roads? Vine Hill Road and Branciforte Drive have brush hanging out into the edges of the road that scrapes the cars and hides signs, not to forget about the dirt and rock sloughing off here and there. Ralph Bingham, via email A: YOu can blame those October storms for delaying the county’s efforts to trim back the overgrowth you speak of. “Road crews are still performing clean up operations from the unusually intense October 2009 storm event,” said Steve Wiesner, assistant director of public works’ transportation division. “This out of the ordinary storm event, along with some pavement resurfacing work, has delayed some of the routine vegetation control work we normally do this time of year.” Expect the vegetation maintenance to occur before Thanksgiving, Wiesner said.
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