Road signs and their hidden meanings

I took a road trip this past weekend to Nipomo, located in the tail of San Luis Obispo County just north of the Santa Barbara County line and its northern-most city of Santa Maria, to visit friends and attend a baptism they were having for their four-month-old son. In the last leg of my three hour drive down, I saw an information sign that made me chuckle. It was a blue sign with white writing and pictures, such as a gas pump, telephone receiver, or tent to alert travelers of what amenities are up ahead. The sign that gave me the chuckle featured a big question mark. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I saw the sign, but it was in the area south of Pas Robles and north of Nipomo, to narrow it down. I kind of want to say it was in the Pismo Beach area, but don’t quote me. I know the sign must have been trying to cross any language barrier tourists may have in indicating that there was a visitor information center at the next exit, but it struck me as funny and ignited my curiosity. I saw it as a mystery spot, of sorts; a treasure hunt. Exactly what is at the next exit? If I had time, I would have tried to find whatever it was that the question mark represented but I was on a schedule. I told my friend I’d get there in time to help decorate and prepare for the festivities. On the way home, I figured I’d look for the sign again and go chat with the people it would lead me to, but I never saw it again. Perhaps the question mark was only for southbound tourists. As a northbound traveler, I only saw signs that read, “Tourist Information.” Are you planning a road trip or took a few this past summer? Please share your tales of adventure and funny road signs. Make sure to include any photos or video you may have taken. Your story may appear in an upcoming column of blog.
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