Western Drive needs some TLC, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Why has Western Drive between Mission and Meder streets never been repaved in the last 20 years? It gets so much UC Santa Cruz traffic and is in terrible disrepair. Is there a timeframe for fixing this road? J. Summer, vie email A: "We paved the upper part of Western recently from High to Meder streets, which was in the worst condition," said Chris Schneiter, of the city's public works department. "Concurrently, we were exploring what to do with the remainder, which has some serious eucalyptus root problems. We have a solution, but now -- due to the economic conditions -- have not been able to pursue the project. It is one of our high priorities once funding picks up." Unfortunately, it's not clear when that funding will be available or when the work will take place, Schneiter said. Stay tuned.
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