Chirping pedestrian crossing indicator keeps Soquel Village residents up at night

Q: I was very excited when I saw the question about the light at 7th and Soquel avenues because it reminded me that I needed to ask someone about the light at the corner of Daubenbiss Avenue and Soquel Drive. Every few weeks or so, it will chirp -- the sound it makes when it’s giving pedestrians the OK to walk -- all night long, as if someone is standing there pushing the button over and over all night. I’ve looked and there's no one there. It only happens every so often, but it makes it so all the people who live around the light lose a night of sleep. Could you help get this fixed? Thanks! Mari Doroud, via email A: The county’s traffic signal technicians have checked out the light but did not find any problems, said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for the Public Works Department. “Occasionally they will find gum, sticks, straws, etc., stuck into the pedestrian push button, which makes the button stay on, but there are no technical problems,” he said. “The pedestrian push buttons at this intersection are the second generation and much better than the one found and replaced at 7th and Soquel.” He recommended that residents call the department at 454-2160 “to report any unusual activity because all intersections are routinely checked monthly and they may not want to hear this beeping for too long.”
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