Distracted driving is all in the mind

Have you ever been driving from point A to point B and, once you reach your destination, you realized you didn’t remember too much about you trip? That’s when you realized you were zoned out. Distracted driving doesn’t only mean fiddling around with gadgets, food and your make-up or map. It’s also about the state of mind you are in when you are behind the wheel. Where is your brain once you strap on your seatbelt, turn the key and hit the gas? It’s supposed to be focused on the road and all the things that are happening -- or could happen -- around you. Don’t think about the shopping list of things you have to get done today. Think about that pedestrian who’s standing in the road waiting to cross at the intersection, the bicyclist that has taken the travel lane to pass a slower moving bicycle rider and the car in the next lane than keeps drifting into yours. Before you pull out of your parking spot, clear your mind. Don’t focus on the future or past, or the noises from your cell phone. There are too many more important things going on around you at that very moment that require your immediate attention.
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