Unlocking the mystery behind the disappearing speed bumps in Live Oak

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I live in the Live Oak area and have noticed disappearing speed bumps of late. There was a speed bump on South Rodeo Gulch Road and several on Mattison Lane, both on the ocean side of the freeway, that no longer exist. I am not complaining. I hate speed bumps and believe they belong in parking lots and not on streets. But I was wondering why they were removed and if they will be restored. I hope not. Thanks, Joe, Live Oak A: These roads are part of a paving project by the county Redevelopment Agency, said Steve Wiesner, assistant director. “The speed bumps were removed as part of the prep work,” he said. And they will return as part of the project later this summer or fall, he added.
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2 Responses to Unlocking the mystery behind the disappearing speed bumps in Live Oak

  1. Jeremy says:

    Actually I’m glad the speed bumps are returning & I’m also glad they’re in use around the city of Santa Cruz. It seems unreasonable to expect a traffic cop to sit on a street corner 24/7 going after speeders. Speed bumps are cheaper & work all the time. If people behaved more responsibly & didn’t use people’s back yards as a freeway for traffic detour there would never have been a need for their installation in the first place.

  2. HMR says:

    I live at the end of S Rodeo Gulch and can say that I agree speed bumps are terrible, but when it keep jerks from driving 40 down a residential street I am all for it. There are kids and animals in our neighborhood. People barely pay attention to the stop sign between S. Rodeo Gulch and Gross Rd. I am thankful for the speed bumps in my neighborhood.
    All in all I am relieved to know that the speed bump will be returning eventually. Though I am enjoying a less bouncy 5 second drive to the frontage road.

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