Federal stimulus dollars to be put to work next month

Local public works departments are gearing up to spend $6.5 million the county received during the first round of President Barack Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Various projects will begin next week, putting dozens of people back to work and helping stimulate the economy, the purpose of the federal stimulus package. Meanwhile, projects funded by a second phase of the stimulus package, worth $5.6 million to the public works departments countywide, will come to pass next year. Below is a list of projects scheduled to begin next month, the amount of stimulus funding they received, as well as how many people who will make them happen. County of Santa Cruz Project: Rehabilitate portions of Carlton Road, San Andreas Road, Green Valley Road and Pine Flat Road Begins: Aug. 3 Stimulus funds received: $2.4 million (plus $600,000 of Regional Surface Transportation Program funds) Jobs created: 65 City of Santa Cruz Project: Pave Morrissey Boulevard from Soquel to Fairmont avenues, Market Street from Water to Avalon streets, and West Cliff Drive from Bay to Almar streets Begins: Early August Stimulus funds received: $1.35 million Jobs created: 16 Capitola Project: Rehabilitate 41st Avenue between Capitola Road and Clares Street. Begins: Early August Stimulus funds received: $230,000 Jobs created: 25-30 Watsonville Project: Twelve miles of road repairs citywide Begins: Early August Stimulus funds received: $1.2 million Jobs created: N/A Scotts Valley Project: Rehabilitate Bean Creek Road Begins: Mid-August Stimulus funds received: $275,000 Jobs created: N/A Rule of the Week Keep your eyes moving, scanning the space around you and as far ahead as possible. This, combined with having a good space cushion between you and others on the road, will give you time to react when something unexpected occurs. This information is under the heading, called "Safe Driving Practices," in the California Driver Handbook on page 31. Read more online at www.dmv.ca.gov. Click on "Driver Handbook," under the heading "Publications."
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  1. J Reece says:

    I thought the ‘stimulus’ was supposed to take effect last Feburary.

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