New stop sign goes up in Capitola

     Dear Street Smarts,    

     Q: There is a new stop sign at Monterey and Bay avenues in Capitola. This is the final stage in a roadway fix-up that redid all the sidewalks, crosswalks, etc. near and around the intersection. Perhaps, it’s a part of the stimulus.

     This is a busy roadway and it certainly surprised me when I drove by. I live nearby. Never been a stop sign there before. I think it’s a good idea because of the turn to New Brighton Middle School and St. Joe’s church. Lots of pedestrians and clueless drivers. But I bet the traffic will back up awfully from there to Capitola Road and Gayle’s Bakery every morning.

     Stacey Vreeken, Capitola



     A: “The new stop signs went in on May 18th,” said Steve Jesberg, the city’s public works director. “So far, so good. I have had very little reaction, and what little reaction I have had has all been favorable.”

     The stop signs went in with the help of a Regional Surface Transportation Program grant, he said.

     “Stop signs are cheap, like $500 each for the sign and paint for the street,” Jesberg said. “The whole sidewalk project was a $160,000 project and the RSTP grant was for $140,000.  The rest was paid for by the city.”

     The stop signs are meant to help pedestrians cross the road. They’ll also help control the movement of vehicles exiting the village, he said. There had been several accidents involving motorists running into parked cars on Bay Avenue due to the curve, he added.

     As for the back up, the true test won’t be until school starts up again, Jesberg said.

     “There may be a larger back up towards Gayle’s, but there should be big reduction in cueing coming down Monterey Avenue,” he said. “Most importantly though, is the increase in safety to pedestrians in the area.”

     Meanwhile, on Thursday, Jesberg expects to see the $230,000 in federal stimulus

dollars that will be used to pay for resurfacing 41st Avenue between Capitola Road and Clares Street.


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