From the DMV beat: Buying a car for an unlicensed minor

     I receive weekly newsletters from the California Department of Motor Vehicles about various transportation topics of interest. This week's issue has a blurb about parents buying a car for their unlicensed teen.

     The newsletter posed the question of whether mom and dad could register the vehicle in their 16-year-old son’s name.

     The answer is, no. Minors are not allowed to order, purchase, lease, accept or obtain any vehicle that requires registration, the DMV newsletter said. Instead, parents should register the car in their own name, and then transfer it into their child’s name after he gets his driver’s license. Vehicle registration must be done in person. To book an appointment, visit 

     Interestingly enough, adults do not have to hold a driver's license to register a car. But they must have a license or a permit to drive it.

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