The intersection of highways 1 and 9 needs to be more bike friendly, reader sayys

Dear Street Smarts,      Q Do you know if there are any plans to install a bike lane on River Street at Highway 1 where it turns into Highway 9? With the new art/work spaces at the Tannery, there is a lot more bike traffic that is extremely dangerous going northbound on Highway 9.      Thank you. Amy Lamson      A The city has two projects in the works that will help, said Chris Schneiter, assistant director of the public works department.      “The first is the 'Highway 1 Bike and Pedestrian Underpass Trail,' which is currently out to bid,” he said. “If sufficient funds are available, we will extend the paved western levee path under the Highway 1 bridge to the Tannery Arts Center. This will allow access to the Tannery and to the traffic signal at Encinal Street and Highway 9. There will be no need for a cyclist or pedestrian to cross Highway 1. "This also ties in very well with he new San Lorenzo River Bike and Pedestrian bridge. If all goes well, this project will be completed in November and available to the public.”      The other project in the hopper involves improving the Highway 1/9 intersection, a project that includes an eight foot wide shoulder and a bike lane. This has been in the works for three years, Schneiter said. While the city has taken the lead in getting the project done, there has been some difficulty in working out the details with Caltrans, he said.      “I think we are probably 3-5 years away from having this project constructed,” Schneiter said.
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2 Responses to The intersection of highways 1 and 9 needs to be more bike friendly, reader sayys

  1. Jeremy says:

    I agree with the premise of this article. The intersection of Highway 1 and 9 are a madhouse for cars & automobile mania. The area isn’t user friendly for anything other than the automobile. If you’re a pedestrian or cyclist, you’re taking your life into your own hands & might get mowed over quickly. Santa Cruz can do better than this for sure.

  2. mermaid girl says:

    I look forward to a change in this dangerous intersection. I drive through it 5 days a week to take my children to school. With all of the pedestrians and cyclists who constantly cross on the red light, sometimes appearing out of nowhere, I have almost been part of an accident several times.

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