From the quirky but true file

While out on a ride along along the North Coast of Santa Cruz County with California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Hugh Holden last week, we came across some real life, quirky but true public safety issues: First,  a man and a woman flagged Officer Holden down. They lost their car key while frolicking in the sand Sunday at  Bonny Doon beach. They put a note explaining what happened on the car and caught a ride to town. When they returned to check on the car Monday, it wore a ticket for $100, written by a State Park ranger. They asked officer Holden if he could do anything to prevent the car from being towed away. But he had no jurisdiction in the matter, he said. Holden encouraged them to have the car towed into town until they could have a key made. The scary thing, he said, was that anyone on the beach could find the key, then take off in the couple's car. The second quirky factoid from that day was that a bicyclist can be picked up on police radar when he or she is traveling above 20 mph. Holden said he had yet to come across a cyclist riding 65 mph or faster. If he does,  he'd give him or her kudos, he said.
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  1. Fritz says:

    My fastest on a bicycle was 54 mph in a 40 zone in Boulder County, Colorado. Wheee! If I got a speeding ticket I would have framed it and gladly paid the fine.

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