Readers suggest ways to curb collisions on Highway 129

On Monday, Street Smarts asked readers for their solutions to traffic collisions on Highway 129, a curvy, two-lane road that links Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. Here are some responses. * "Highway 129 is indeed a dangerous road. My family and I drive it frequently, day and night, and it's scary. Better enforcement of the current speed laws, more rumble strips, especially in double yellow lines, and a daytime lights-on policy might help. Barriers in the center of the road in some areas might help, too. Descriptive warning signs might help, too." Lee Taiz, Santa Cruz * "How about a concrete center divider between Murphy Road and east of the quarry? That's where most of the fatal and/or injury accidents occur. The other, larger idea is to revoke licensing for the worst one percent of drivers on the road. That would probably make it at least 10 percent safer for all -- on all roads." Mitch Temkin, Watsonville  * "I would like to see more enforcement along route 129. I drive it fairly often and rarely see any CHP units on it." Steve James, Watsonville All comments and suggestions are being forwarded to Caltrans and the CHP for consideration. Meanwhile, read other things people are saying about Highway 129 on the Sentinel’s Reader Forum,
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2 Responses to Readers suggest ways to curb collisions on Highway 129

  1. Alissa Briggs says:

    Educate the public to how many people die on 129. Put up signs/billboards on how speed, risky driving, illegally passing can and will kill innocent people. Murphy’s Crossing needs a slow down dangerous turn ahead sign and drop the spped limit there, also.

  2. Lucas says:

    How about a toll booth that checks citizenship?

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