Canadian company offers battery-free, solo-powered bike lights

A Canadian company is offering bicyclists earth-friendly ways to be seen on cloudy days and at night. Pedalite North America has various products that run either on pedal or solar power. The goal is to provide eco-friendly solutions while improving safety for cyclists. Most cyclists do not have side lighting while riding their bikes. About 75 percent of vehicle versus cyclist crashes occur at intersections where the rider needed to be seen from the side, the company reported. To counteract that, Pedalite sells the "Pedal Light," a battery-free light that's powered up when the cyclist is pumping his or her pedals. "The pedals work through creating energy by spindle," said Al Visram, the company's sales executive. "There is no resistance to the rider. As soon as pedaling begins, the lights flash, creating 360 degree visibility with the use of both pedals. There is a capacitor that stores energy, which distributes the energy to the lights when free wheeling or at a stand still, such as at a traffic intersection." The company also offers the solar-powered "Baglite" and "Anklelite." The Baglite is worn over the shoulders and fits over any size backpack. It works for six hours on a single charge and is recharged when left in sunlight or regular home, school and office lighting. Meanwhile, the Anklelite can be worn around the ankle by cyclists, as well as joggers and anyone else who wants to be more visible at night and on cloudy days. It also doubles as a trouser clip. While the company's bike lights are available in more than 22 countries, including the U.S., they are not yet sold in Santa Cruz County bike shops. Learn more about Pedalite's products online at
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