Law enforcement officers show off their BADGES in Scotts Valley

     The Scotts Valley Police Department will get a little help from officers across the county in enforcing traffic laws Thursday, April 2.      Officers in patrol cars and on motorcycles will be on the lookout for speeders and people not wearing their seat belts .      They also will tow and impound vehicles driven by people caught driving on suspended licenses, as well as those without a license at all.      The extra enforcement is part of a county wide program, called BADGES, or Before Aggressive Driving Gets Everyone Stopped.      The campaign focuses on areas of town where police get the most complaints from the public.      The BADGES effort in town also comes one day after Police Chief John Weiss released his 2008 Activity Report to the City Council Wednesday.      The report shows that traffic collisions overall are down five percent from 192 in 2007 to 183 last year. But while injury crashes dropped 38 percent from 37 to 23 during the same time period, non-injury collisions jumped five percent from 119 in 2007 to 125 in 2008. Meanwhile, hit and run crashes dropped slightly to 35 in 2008 from 36 in 2007.     View the entire report at
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