Money matters on the mind of the RTC



Making do with less will be the topic up for discussion by the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission when it meets Thursday in the County Supervisor’s chambers at 701 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz.


The agency is looking at $32 million in less revenue for fiscal year 2009-10.


According to the agenda published online at, projected revenues for the year beginning July 1 will amount to $12 million, down from $45 million the current 2008-09 fiscal year.


To save money, cuts could be made administratively, as well as to the programs the agency offers.


While some projects have been completed, eliminating the need for funding, those that are ongoing could see a reduction in funds.


For example, the freeway service patrol, which received $302,431 the present fiscal year, could see a loss of $18,031 dollars under the proposed budget.


Also, Rideshare may receive $127,859 fewer dollars to what was a $421,459 budget this fiscal year. That leaves $304,100.


Also on the agenda is a review of projects that may not happen due to lack of state and bond funding.


Those include the Highway 1 Soquel-Morrissey Auxiliary Lanes Project, the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line Acquisition, MetroBase, the Soquel Drive Pedestrian Bridge at Cabrillo College, the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail and safety improvements along Graham Hill Road.

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