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Q Ramona, good work on streets and traffic.


One question (regarding the Amgen Tour of California): is there a communication system in place for the bike race so that people can find out during the event where the race is in motion at any given time, and ergo, what is its ETA at the finish, or at a particular viewing spot, say Davenport? Many people may want to watch, but may not want to linger about for hours, like from 1 – 3p.m. waiting for the sudden and unannounced arrival of the race.


Other events have live updates of race progress broadcast via radio and TV. Is there anything like that here?



Rocky, Santa Cruz

A Pick up your laptop, turn it on and log onto, then click on Tour of California. The web site and the Comcast cable channel will be carrying everything you need to know about Monday’s race live, including interviews with racers, experts and local officials. Key coverage begins at 12:30 p.m., as the racers near Santa Cruz.


The race begins at 8:30 a.m. in Sausalito and should wrap up around 2:30 p.m., depending on how quickly the cyclists navigate the rain-slicked twists and turns along the way.


Local viewing parties will be going on all around town. The Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley is one spot. The Santa Cruz AIDS project will have a viewing party for donors and Surf City AIDS Ride participants.


For those folks who feel like braving the cold, wet weather in downtown Santa Cruz, where the second leg of the 750-mile race from Sacramento to Escondido will end, large TV’s will be broadcasting the racers’ progress.


And for the adventurous, who want to set up along the race route, Amgen scouts have posted a number of good viewing points.


Within city limits, they are:


The intersections of Bay and High Streets, as well as Bay and Mission; in front of Santa Cruz High on Walnut Street; at the Front Street Hill between 3rd Street and Pacific Avenue; along the finishing stretch in from of the Museum of Art History, which has a cycling exhibit display to commemorate the event.


Good spots to watch the race outside city limits include the intersections of Highway 1 at Bonny Doon Road; Bonny Doon at Smith Grade; and Pine Flats Road at Empire Grade.


Post your Amgen Tour viewing party here on the Street Smarts blog for a chance to share your love of the cycling sport with others.


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  1. Michael Lewis says:

    Not all bicyclists love “cycling sport.” Some of us use bicycles as transportation, stop at stop signs and stop lights, obey the traffic rules and eschew clothing with advertisements, bright colors and stretchy fabrics.

    I plan to ignore the grand panoply downtown and ride east for the duration.

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