San Lorenzo River Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Opening ceremony at 4 p.m. today

24jbridgeDear Street Smarts,

Q Thanks for the good reports. What is the status of the new pedestrian bridge just below Mission Street at the river (in Santa Cruz)?  It looks done but both ends are fenced off. Thanks, S J Scott

A Thank you, you’re welcome and you have great timing, Mr. Scott.

The city is hosting a grand opening of the San Lorenzo River Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge at 4 p.m. today.

The project has been around since roughly 2001 with input from the public, said Josh Spangrud, the associate engineer working on the project for the city. It went to bid in July 2008 and construction began in August.

The bridge connects the north ends of the levee paths, forming a nice loop for users, he said.

The alignment, which extends from Felker Street to the Gateway Plaza, features three bowstring truss spans. The longest is the center span at 130 feet, while the end spans 86.5 feet, Spangrud said.

The bridge was designed weather, or rust, “to gain a surface patina, and then stop,” he said.

“This material was chosen to minimize maintenance costs in the future, no need to paint, etc.,” he added.

The bridge contract was $2.5 million, but actual costs are closer to $2.6 million because of change orders and extras, he said.

The project was funded by a variety of state and federal sources, including from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program, a State Riverways grant, money from the State Transportation Improvement Program, money from the Transportation Enhancement Act and also from the Transportation Development Act, Spangrud said.

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  1. Bruce Van Allen says:

    The new bike/pedestrian bridge over the San Lorenzo River near the Route 1 bridge is a long-awaited improvement to the riverway levee system. Contrary to what the Sentinel keeps printing, the idea for the bridge arose in 1985, at a river planning meeting. Neighbors, cyclists, cross-town commuters, athletes, and environmentalists called for a safe and accessible crossing.

    This sweet little bridge is the result of many years of work by City staff, volunteers, and river activists. A succession of Mayors and City councils have supported the project, and former Assemblymember John Laird played a crucial role in securing the funding that finally got the bridge built.

    This bridge is a small but very significant step in realizing our community’s vision for a renewed river that knits the central city together with safe and welcoming open space, non-auto transportation, and a more harmonious connection with the river environment.

    My thanks to all involved!

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